USWDH SiteBuilder


The USWDH Site Builder is not available at this time. For about 6 months the company that has operated Site Builder has apparently had some internal issues. We repeatedly asked if there was going to be any issues with service and we were told no there was not any thing to worry about it was just an internal management development.

As the service was running well we thought all would continue to be fine. In December we were not charged for December billing and when we called it took days to get threw to any one and it would appear their management had had a melt down around the holidays, and they were splitting ways and shutting the doors, so to speak. We thought we would take a wait and see what happens as the other side sounded like they were going to pick it all back up.

Long story short, we planed to use those days to find an alternative or a solution. We are in the process of doing that. Within a few days we will have a temporary solution posted.

Please bare with us as we figure this out for you.

Anyone that needs to to change some text or an image we will be glad to assist if we can. Just call us at 509-808-2092 or send in a support ticket >>>

Support Ticket