Products & Services

Products & Services

Here is a list of our current Products and Services along with a brief description of what the item is:

Domain Names - Register, Transfer, and Manage you Domains thru USWDH. Register from a wide variety of  TDL's (.com, .net, .org, .us, .info, .biz, .name, .one, .agency, .beer, .business, .cash, .cheap, .company, .design, .discount, and .games just to name a small few in a very long list.

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Shared Hosting - These plans come in two types, Regular Shared Plan and BYOP (Build Your Own Plan). Our Regular Shared Plans range in storage size from 100 MB to 5000 MB, including UNLIMITED Email accounts, UNLIMITED MySQL Data Bases, and UNLIMITED Bandwidth. Also included are over 40 ready to install Scripts and Programs, simply pick what you want, put in a few details, (email address, user names, etc.), click a button and the program you selected is installed and ready for you to begin setting up (fill in details etc.). Our other Shared Package is what we call Build Your Own Package. Our Regular Plans come with a lot of extras that maybe you will not need or want, so why pay for them? These plans start with buying space for your website, space ranges from 25 MB up to 100 MB. If you do not want Emails or Data Bases, don't order them and get lowest price possible, add a couple of email accounts and/or Data Bases for a few dollars a month and you still save over the Regular Hosting  Plan.

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Complete Website Hosting Package - For those looking to establish a total website presence on the internet. This package includes EVERYTHING to get you up and running:

  • Domain Name (select from .com, .net, .org, info, .biz, or .us)
  • Hosting Space (from 250 MB to 3000 MB)
  • Custom Website Design (get a fresh new look)
  • Monthly Maintenance (from one hour to one and a half hours per month)

First we get your domain for you, then we get your ideas, we start from you knowledge and likes and build from and upon that.

Next we make sure your site stays up to date month to month from changes you want to make.

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Bulk/Reseller Packages - If you have multiple domains you want to host or if you want to start your own hosting business, or if you want to combine both, this is the plan for you. Put simply you buy a block of space from 1 GB to 10 GB, divide it up as YOU want to, give your accounts as many or as few features as you want. If you choose to resell your space again you set it up as you like and sell at the price you want.

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Managed Dedicated Server - When you are in the need of more resources, bandwidth, and control then a shared environment can support, but yet still want the security of our managed staff in the background. Then it is time for a Managed Dedicated Server, you can control the day to day operation of your server, the setup has been made for you, now you get to tweak it as your own, Not sure how to handle a server, this is where we step in again and help you out. Meanwhile with all this going on we look over your server security, protecting your server 24/7.

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