We have partnered with Weebly to use their services for our customers to build, re-build, and maintane their websites.
Weebly is one of the most popular and widly used website building platforms on the internet today.
One of the advantages to their software is that it is not propriary in nature where it uses up to date HTML and CSS that can be taken any place, to any host and your site will remain the same, and you can keep editing with Weebly.

If that were not enough, we have special pricing setup so the month to month cost through us is lower then going direct to Weebly.
We have their three most popular packages, Starter, Pro, and Business. For details >> Weebly Site Builder.

  Weebly USWDH Savings
Term Monthly Yearly Monthly Yearly Monthly Yearly
Starter $14.00 $96.00 $8.99 $89.99 $5.01 $6.01
Pro $18.00 $144.00 $13.99 $138.99 $4.01 $5.01
Business $35.00 $300.00 $29.99 $299.99 $5.01 $0.01

Enjoy and Have Fun

USWDH Administration

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

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