In the past when you would find yourself blocked and not able to login to your Cpanel, Email, or even view your website. You would need to go get your current IP from a lookup site such as then you would need to call our Tech Support dept. and get someone to lift the block.

All that has now changed!
Now you will simply need to go to our website and login to your Client Area.
Then LOOK ^ UP to the very top Navigation (at the very top of the page). You will see Welcome Back (your name) and Support Center. Mouse Over or CLICK on Support Center and the third link in the list is "UNBLOCK IP ADDRESS", CLICK it and the system will read your ip and lift the block, if you were, and tell you why you were blocked OR you will be told your IP was not blocked. AND THAT IS IT.

Resellers you also can unblock your customers through this portal, except you will need to enter their IP Address.

Monday, November 4, 2013

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