OK, You have your taken the next step in putting USWDH some place in your future as either your Web Hosting Provider, Website Designer, Domain Registry or maybe you need all three services and someone to keep it maintained for you in one of our "Complete Hosting Packages". No matter, we are now going to explain why you have come this far in you search and why You should have USWDH working for YOU.

First we work for our customers, (You know the customer is always right), that being said, does not mean the customer has all the information at hand or is even aware of all their options. Its our job to present your options and any part of the plan that will not work, offer a suggestion and move on doing exactly as you want at that point.

USWDH began in 2004 in Mio, Michigan. USWDH was a second company that formed out of SiteDesignUSA which was our company that only did website design. We were in the same shoes you are now we had to try to find the best web hosting company to fit our needs, and every day from 1999 (when SiteDesignUSA started) until we decided to add Hosting into our Services in 2004 as USWDH (stands for US Website Design and Hosting).

We jumped into the hosting business as a "sideline" to fill in when we were not developing or building websites. Well if you have a good product and service it appears that the world will come to your door. After the first year we were so busy with hosting that design became the fill in when we had time. Customers like the way we run our in-house support and how our support is 24/7. We were now hosting customers from all around the world Australia, South America, Canada, Mexico, etc. So support became available all the time. We developed our Server Guidelines in how we were going to run and allocate our servers. To run them in such a way that we did not create more support through improper operation and controls. We do not overload our servers, in fact we stop populating them at around 40%, so that as the customers grow there is no additional loads etc. So we are again free to deal with any other issues you may have and not having to deal with issues caused by the very server you are on.

Where are we going from here, what plans do we have, our future goals.
Nothing more then keeping our eye on our roots, to continue to treat or customers as the center of our business, to continue giving them a product second to none, and to give each customer that secure feeling about doing business with USWDH.